Special Programs

Character Education: Character building is embedded in all KSPS classes whereby values are instilled in students' life and hearts rather than imposed on them.
Islamic studies: The righteous teaching of the laws of Islam, along with the correct recitation of the Holy Quran, is one of the ways to reflect Makassed’s ethos in spreading a culture of ethics. Islamic education is positively recognized at school through encouraging Islamic behavior, granting awards to outstanding students, celebrating religious occasions, and offering Quran recitation certificates to students.
Information and Communication Technology (ICT): ICT skills are provided to students using e-books to develop their understanding and skills in using the computer. ICT is also integrated in all subjects and in students' practices like homework, assessment, and the like.

English language: We focus on the communicative approach of teaching language using proficient kit of American books, magazines, extra worksheets, CDs, and visuals. We stress higher order thinking skills, and focus on extracurricular activities and integration of technology to the better teaching of language. Our school’s most important endeavor is to empower our learners to be engaged virtually with other students around the world. This helps a lot in improving their language since they are using it for real life purposes.

Math and Science: Math and Science are taught in English using American programs that focus on inquiry based learning, project based learning, and the use of the deductive approach.