Thursday, March 19, 2015

Global Teenagers Project: My Imaginary Friend

KSPS students are very familiar in taking part in international projects.
Recently fifth graders joined A Global Teenagers Project entitled “My Imaginary Friend”.
The Global Teenager Project (GTP) offers a rich and dynamic international learning environment where students learn together with more than 20.000 students in over 42 countries in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, German, Ukrainian, Slovenian...
We joined a wiki space to exchange materials regarding this project with other participating schools.
Participating schools:
Agrani school and college, Bengladesh
 Safir High school, Lebanon
 Nkowa Education Center, South Africa
Kirovograd Collegium, Ukraine 
 Makassed Khalil Shehab School, Lebanon.
The first phase in this project was to introduce ourselves to our new international friends.
Stay tuned to know about our mysterious imaginary friend!  

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Trip to "Hayasdan-Armenia" (Feedback and Thoughts of Students)


Hiba Al-Rammal
I always have the passion to know more about different cultures. This project was very dear to my heart, since our teacher was Lebanese-Armenian, and her support and attitude helped us work more enthusiastically and concentrated in order to bring correct information to impress her.
Jana Al-Kibbi
The most interesting thing that I would never forget about this project is the tragic history of Armenia.

Kareem Olabi
I learned new things about Armenia, but the sports section was my favorite and the Armenian football team grabbed my attention.
Ramy Ghanoumy
The most interesting thing I would never forget about Armenia is the delicious Armenian food!
Aya Itani
 I would never forget the beautiful Armenian hills and mountains, the picturesque nature, the blue lakes and rivers… I hope someday I would visit Armenia and witness all these with my own eyes live.
Ghina Ghalayini
The topic of the project we worked on gave us a chance to get to know more about the culture and background of our English teacher; Ms. Gassia. This made us aware of our surrounding and environment. It helped us understand that we should accept one another no matter what.
Youssef Al-Halabi
The antique artifacts, ornaments, carpets, and the musical instruments my teacher brought grabbed my attention. Armenian art really awoke my interest towards art.
Samar Lawand
The more I read and researched about Armenia, the more I felt in love with it and the more I wanted to know about it.

Monday, March 16, 2015

A Trip to “Hayasdan” (the event)


Learning a foreign language, and the culture that goes with it, is one of the most useful things we can do to broaden the empathy and imaginative sympathy and cultural outlook of children.

Michael Gove

   Makassed KSPS grade 6 students successfully accomplished their ISA- Language based- project through the help of their English language teacher, who is Lebanese-Armenian; the main reason why the students preferred to choose their ISA project's topic to be about the Armenian language.

   For almost 2 months students worked so hard to bring this project, entitled “A trip to Hayasdan” to light.
   Throughout the achievement of this project, students did not only discover and research about Armenia as a country and culture, they also paid close attention to the Armenian language by learning some basic Armenian words, terms, or sentences.
For 2 months they welcomed and farewelled their teacher in Armenian and tried to find Armenian people in their surroundings.

The decorated table at the entrance exhibiting Armenian ornaments, artifacts, and accessories.
   On the big day of the event, students invited their parents and loved ones to share what they learned from this project and their experience in particular.
With renowned Armenian classical music and warm smiles students welcomed their parents and grade 5 students and distributed a famous Armenian dessert; very similar to the Lebanese “Maamoul” at the entrance. After listening to both the Lebanese and Armenian anthems they presented a slide show about Armenia, read a famous poem in Armenian, and displayed a very interesting video prepared by them.
   At the end, students directed the invitees to exhibit a table decorated with Armenian dried fruits, ornaments, artifacts, and accessories.

G6 students welcoming the Principal; Mrs. Rana.

Aya with her lovely mother.

Riwa and Nesrae; with their beautiful hair just like Armenian girls used to do it.

   After accomplishing such a productive project, grade 6 students did not forget thanking all those people, parents, teachers, and friends for their support and help throughout the whole course of this project.

Mrs. Lina and Ms. Lama with Riwa wearing an Armenian traditional dress.

G6 students with Ms. Gassia and their name tags written in Armenian. 

A Trip to "Hayasdan-Armenia" (the video)

"A Trip to Hayasdan" is an ISA project done by Makassed Khalil Shehab Primary School's grade 6 students. This project's main objective was to discover and get to know about a new language and culture.
KSPS grade 6 students chose the Armenian language, since their English language teacher was Lebanese-Armenian.