Tuesday, November 11, 2008

British Council Trainers Visit Our School

On Monday, November 10th, Mr. Andy Keedwell, a regional teacher trainer from the British Council, and Mrs. Maysa Dawwi , a project manager from the British Council in Lebanon visited our school and attended the English period at grade two, Mrs. Rawya Shatila's class. Mrs. Rawya prepared a power point presentation on the story "The Mixed- Up Chameleon." Students were asked to complete post reading activities in their groups. The students shared interactively and positively in the discussion and the post reading activities that were carried out. Mr. Andy expressed his admiration and delight to observe this class. He even shared with some activities and asked students questions. After the observation, we had the chance to sit and discuss various issues related to school and teaching. We were happy to answer questions that gave him an idea about the nature of work at our school. In addition, a list of workshop topics was presented to him. Future plans will include a series of workshops that will be attended by the English teachers at Khalil Shehab and completed before the end of March.Thank you Mr. Andy for your wonderful comments and we are looking forward to working with you in the coming months.